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I hate to admit it, but I’m usually a snob when it comes to perfume. I always used to buy the high end brands such as Dior, Guerlain or Chanel, because I thought they were better than the ‘home fragrances’ such as from Zara or Rituals. Don’t get me wrong, Miss Dior is still my all-time favorite fragrance, but recently I’ve had a big change of heart since I discovered the Rituals perfumes.

I tried the Rituals perfumes about a month ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of scents and the quality. They have four different perfumes Fleur d’Himalaya, Elixir d’Orient, Eau d’Indes and Nuit à Marrakesh, all available in full size (50ml) and travel size (10ml). I honestly loved all of them and couldn’t decide on which to get, so I went with the gift set which contains three out of four products in travel size (10ml). I love how I can switch easily between them depending on my mood and the season. Am I the only one who has a winter and summer perfume? Currently I’m using the Elixir d’Orient the most, since I feel it’s a more winter appropriate scent. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and provides comfort . While the Fleur d’Himalaya is more floral and would be perfect for spring. I haven’t tried the Eau d’Indes (except for in the store) but the Nuit a Marrakesh will probably become my summer perfume because of its freshness.
Besides the enticing scents, they also have great quality and staying power. The first time I used the Elixir d’Orient, I went a little overboard and sprayed 4 times like I usually do. My boyfriend almost choked  when I walked past him. Moral of the story; go easy on it. You might get used to the scent and be tempted to give it an extra push, but there’s a thin line between a pleasant scent and just plain overkill, despite how great it smells.
Although the scent is the most important part, it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty packaging. Especially the gift is a sight for sore eyes and has a luxurious feel.

The same goes for the men’s perfumes. They are all great, seriously I wouldn’t be able to choose just one of them.
What do you look for in a perfume?

All of the fragrances are available at the Rituals stores or the online shop here.
prices: full size 39 euro
travel size 9,5 euro
gift set 25 euro


Rituals perfumes
Rituals perfumes Rituals perfumes

Rituals perfumes