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A couple of years ago I visited a small shop in Leuven, with quite an ‘urban’ vibe to it. They had, or better yet have, more alternative brands for shoes, clothing and accessories alongside some very hipster cameras. You know what I’m talking about, those cameras that seem to be part of an outfit and make you wonder if they actually take pictures, but the price tag says otherwise. For those of you who live in Belgium, more precisely Leuven, I’m talking about Giraffe Records & Clothing.
Anyhooo, just as about we were ready to go, we saw some really cool watches and sunglasses in the windowshop, calling our names. They looked so minimalistic and clean, and yet distinguished from other brands. The name KOMONO also seemed exotic and made us curious. My boyfriend bought a watch and after that I got him 2 more, for his birthday and Christmas. I tell you it’s the perfect gift, gorgeous and yet affordable. I’m planning on getting one for myself soon, but that leaves me with one problem: actually choosing one. I’m probably the worst person to make decisions. I honestly can’t choose. Ask me to pick a restaurant and I break out into a cold sweat. Or ‘Where do you want to sit?’, why won’t you just put a gun to my head instead. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, it’s not that bad but I do seriously get stressed out from making decisions.

That’s why i was so happy when KOMONO made the decision for me and sent me these sunglasses. This is not a sponsored blogpost fyi, they just sent me these sunglasses and I’m giving my honest opinion about them. But I seriously love these shades. The one I’m wearing is the ‘Clement Cocoa’. I normally wouldn’t go for a these colours, but I was pleasantly surprised once I tried them on and they have grown on me the more I wear them. On my recent trip to Barcelona these were my go to shades. You will see these a lot in the upcoming blogpost about that trip and outfitposts.
Junes is wearing the ‘Bennet’ sunglasses, which has some pretty cool details to it and the ‘Winston Royale Rose Gold’ watch, that I got him for Christmas.
That goes to show,  happiness comes in small things, which is actually the meaning of the name ‘KOMONO’ 😉

You should definitely check out the online KOMONO shop if you’re in need of some new shades or a watch!


KOMONO Clement Cocoa – link here
T-shirt  Daisy Street – link here
Coat – ZARA
Shoes & jeans – Pull&Bear

KOMONO Winston Royale Rose Gold watch – link here
KOMONO Bennet sunglasses – link here


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