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First of all, I apologize for being M.I.A. since August. After graduation -oh I forgot to mention I graduated!- I went to visit my home country for a month. It’s something I do every year, or better yet, I have to do. I still have a very strong connection to Iraq (Kurdistan more precisely) and my relatives there. Whenever I skip a year, I feel agitated and something feels off. For that reason, I prefer to spend my summers in Sulaymaniyah.

Most people think it’s just deserts with camels and men with moustaches.  I can’t blame you. There are plenty of deserts and moustaches, but there’s a lot more to Kurdistan. I’m from Sulaymaniyah, one of three largest cities in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is quite modernized and liberal, contrary to what you might believe. But I have to say, I can only speak about the Kurdish regions of Iraq and not the country in general, since I’ve never been to the Arabic cities. I would have loved to see Bagdad in its glory years, but unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. I can talk for hours about my hometown, since I have so much love for it, but I’ll spare you the details. For now.

While I was there, I also took these pictures with my cousin.
Outfit details: Skirt (Zara) – shirt and shoes (New Look) – bag (Primark) – sunglasses (Pull&Bear)

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