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One of the biggest problems for every woman is cellulite. It doesn’t matter how skinny you are, sometimes it’s just unavoidable, unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model (one can still dream). Most anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine since it’s known for its skin tightening properties. It stimulates blood flow and circulation. When applied rigorously, it can actually reduce cellulite.

The qualities I look for in a body scrub are the right amount of skin-sloughing with enough moisturization. Most scrubs are usually made out of either salt or sugar. I prefer the latter, since salt can make my skin sting a little at times if I have a little wound or cut.
So since the two key ingredients are found in every household pantry, why not just make it yourself. This way you can eliminate all the unnecessary chemical crap and save some money along the way.

The last ingredient you’ll need is an oil to get the real skin pampering done. My favorite oil by far is coconut oil since it’s so versatile. I use it to cook, as a hair mask and even as a body lotion sometimes.


What you’ll need:
– one cup of coffee grind (dry or used)
– one cup of raw sugar
– half a cup of coconut oil (or olive oil)

If you are using coconut oil as well, make sure to melt it in the microwave for less than 30 seconds. Afterwards mix in the coffee and sugar. And there you have it. The sugar will really exfoliate the skin, while the caffeine from the coffee can make the skin tighter (if used regularly). The coconut oil will act as a moisturizer and leave your skin glowing and well nourished.
I didn’t apply any extra moisturizer in the photo. The glow is just a result from the coconut oil.
I have bought numerous scrubs, but nothing beats this DIY coffee scrub.

Glowing skin after DIY scrub

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