About me

Welcome to Vanety! I’m a 24 year old student studying architecture and civil engineering in a small town called Leuven in Belgium. Life as a student is great, eventhough we don’t always appreciate it as much. I will be graduating this year and it was a now-or-never situation to start this blog. I decided to take the leap and do something outside of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and clothes (total girly girl), but I’m not a real initiative taking kinda gal. Therefore I wanted to challenge myself and do something with the things I love and share it on this little thing called the internet.
To end my monologue, here a few random facts about me:

– Total coffee addict as you can see on my instagrampage –
– Even more addicted to cake –
– Watching tv-shows is one of the highlights of my day. Nope not ashamed of it –
– Koala bears are the cutest thing on this planet –
– Procrastination is my biggest downfall –